Nokia unveils two N-series phones

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Nokia has unveiled two new high-end phone models, N79 and N85, as the world's top cellphone maker battles against increasing competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Both new phones, upgrades to Nokia's older models, will have 5 megapixel cameras and pre-loaded games.

Both new models will go on sale in October. The N85 will retail for 450 euros ($662), excluding operator subsidies and taxes, and the N79 will go on sale for 350 euros.

Earlier, Nokia confirmed that it plans to roll out a portfolio of touch phones across the low-to-high end of phone market.

Sources said Nokia’s first touch phone, code-named Tube, will target the mid-segment and have features that compete against iPhone 3G at a much lower price.

Nokia’s Internet services platform Ovi will have a music store, which will be loaded with regional music, sources said.

Nokia said, “We will launch touchscreen phones by December. Ovi will also be launched by then and will have a host of entertainment services, among others.”