Apple just can't make anyone happy any more. Forget the idea that the Mac Faithful might be all excited that Apple just doubled the storage capacity of its iPhone and iPod Touch -- albeit for an extra $100. Instead of cheering, user forums are full of whiny moaners who think Apple is out to screw them.

The positive and negative backlash was almost instantaneous. Reading the forums concerning higher capacity Iphones, One of the user commented aptly:

Apple thinks we are all sheep. After spending 400-1200 bucks for an iPhone, iPod, iBook, or whatever Apple makes, a few months later they come out with a different color, more memory or storage or make it a little more pretty and all of us run and get the new stuff....

I guess [what] I am tying to say is bah bah bah bah...baaahhh..bah bah bah bah bah.

Now where is my Credit Card, Steve Jobs called.

Nice. These sentiments were echoed across the Web. More users bemoaned the fact that the iPhone still isn't available with 3G than praised Apple for doubling the device's storage.

Others complained that they held off purchasing the iPhone until after Macworld, just to see if a 3G version would be announced. Now, three weeks since the keynote and seven days past the no-questions-asked return date for anyone who went out and bought an iPhone on Jan. 15, Apple brings an updated product to market. Not exactly a customer-friendly move. Apple surely could have announced that the new iPhone was on the way three weeks ago. Instead, it chose not to.

How about it? Does double the storage make it any more appealing, despite the lack of 3G? Do you even care any more? Is the $100 premium worth it, knowing how large the margins probably are?

One thing I have to say. No other phone out there has 16 GB of internal memory. And the large majority of phones that use microSD for storage barely support 4 GB, let alone 16 GB. Apple is offering more capacity than anyone else at the moment.