New iPod range goes touchy feely

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The new iPod Touch (left) and the revamped line of iPod Nanos announced by Apple overnight.

Apple unveils a new music player called the iPod Touch, a new version of its popular media player with wireless internet access and other touch screen features found on the iPhone.

It features the same 9cm, touch-screen display as the iPhone, on which light finger touches allow the user to scroll through menus and resize pictures with two fingers.

The iPod Touch includes the Safari web browser, with Google and Yahoo search engines and easy access to YouTube videos.

The iPod Touch is 8mm thick, and can store photos, music, videos and other digital data. The 8GB model is priced at $A419 and will be available in Australia later this month. A 16GB model will go on sale for $A549.

"The iPod touch is a landmark iPod, ushering in a whole new generation of features based on its revolutionary multi-touch interface and built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple also announced that it would cut the price of the top iPhone by $US200, and discontinued the low-end model. The iPhone is currently only available in the United States. Apple has said it plans to launch the phone in Australia next year.

The 8GB iPhone will now sell for $US399, and the 4GB model, which sold for $US399, will be phased out.

"We want to put the iPhone in a lot of stockings this holiday season," Jobs said at a special media event near downtown San Francisco.

"It's one of the seven wonders of the world — it's just incredible," Jobs told employees and journalists gathered at a special media event.

Jobs also unveiled other new versions of the company's market-leading iPod, including an iPod Nano with a 6.5cm video monitor for watching movies and playing built-in games. The current version has a 5cm screen but does not play videos.

"It's incredibly tiny. It's incredibly thin," Jobs said of the new Nano, which features a 320-by-240-pixel screen with 24 hours of audio playback. "We think it's really, really beautiful."

The new Nano will come in a 4GB version for $A199, and an 8GB version for $A299.

Source: AP and SMH