Geeks Rush to Dismantle the iPhone

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Apple Iphone

This time round, Apple's iPhone lives to tell a different kind of story...

According to reports, just as there were enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the iPhone, there were these tech freaks who made a mad dash to dismantle the device...

They all but ended up revealing the innards of the iPhone -- something that Apple had tried hard to conceal...

Going by the revelations made by these tech revellers, pride-of-place indeed goes to Samsung Electronics, identified as the supplier of the iPhone's main microprocessor as also of NAND flash memory.

Intel turns out the supplier of NOR flash memory, while Broadcom is the maker of the controller chip for the iPhone.

Texas Instruments is identified as the supplier of a power management chip, whereas Infineon Technologies turns out the maker of parts that handle cellular communications.

The power amplifier is from Skyworks Solutions, while the battery charger chip is from Linear Technology.

Meanwhile, Cambridge Silicon Radio is the maker of the chips that allow Bluetooth wireless connectivity; Marvell Technology Group the provider of the chips that allow the iPhone to connect over WiFi networks; and National Semiconductor Corp the maker of the iPhone's display chip.

Reportedly, stocks of all but a few component makers soared post the discovery.

Chances are: if the iPhone lives up to all the hype, part/component/chip makers too will partake of the Apple-induced gravy train...